Clippers Econom cutter plates

For GT474 Econom II for cattle/horse shearing

GT 367
Cutter head alone, with upper cutter plate GT 501, lower cutter plate GT 502 can also be connected to sheep shearing machine

Combination Upper cutter plate Lower cutter plate Suitable for
Narrow toothed GT501 GT502 Cattle and Horses *standard equoment for GT474 and GT367
Narrow toothed GT501 GT511 Fine shearing 1mm, (e.g. fur)
Narrow toothed GT505 GT502 Horses and Cattle – for standard shearing(3 mm cutting height)
Narrow toothed GT505 GT508 Horses, Cattle - for dairy cattle udders
Narrow toothed GT505 GT511 Horses and Cattle– for very fin, smooth shearing (1 mm cutting height)
Narrow toothed GT505 GT506 Cattle, Dogs and Goats
Medium toothed GT505 GT510 Dogs and Goats
Wide toothed GT503 GT504  Cattle, sheep with fine wool and single sheeps

For GT674 Econom Equipe Horse Shearing Machine

Upper cutter plate  Lower cutter plate Suitable for Cutting height
(23 teeth)
(31 teeth)
Smooth standard shearing 3 mm 
(23 teeth)
(31 teeth)
Very fine shearing (short hair)  1 mm
(23 teeth)
(51 teeth)
Perfectly smooth, close clipping  1/10 mm
For GT494 Econom II for sheep shearing

Cutter head alone, with upper cutter plate GT 578, lower cutter plate GT 588 can also be connected to cattle clipping machine

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