Large Animal Clippers Torqui

Every Bonum and Econom clipping head is child‘s play to adjust with this torque key

For the perfect plate pressure

Precision adjusting aid Torqui GT146 and knurled screw GT147

GT146 – Benefits of the Torqui at a glance

  • Precise basic adjustment of the plate pressure
  • Increased clipping head life thanks to longer intervals between regrinding
  • Consistent edge-retention
  • Easy to handle
  • No prior knowledge needed
  • Small, easy to handle, maintenance-free
  • Precision instrument engineered in Germany
  • Suitable for all Econom cattle and horse clippers
  • All Econom shaving heads can be retrofitted with the knurled screw GT147

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Brochure Torqui for Bonum and Econom shearing heads
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