How to properly care for your Aesculap clipper



Changing the cutter plates

  1. IMPORTANT: Be sure to unplug the clipper before removing the cutter head!
  2. Lossen the knurled screw and loosen the regulation screw by approximately 2 full rotations.
  3. Next, undo both clamping screws, pull off the lower cutting plate and then remove the upper cutting plate.
  4. Before inserting the upper cutting plate, please ensure that the small oscillator pad is located in the recess provided for the oscillator.
  5. When inserting the upper cutting plate, it is also necessary to ensure that both ends of the oscillator engage precisely in the boreholes in the upper cutting plate.
  6. Slide the lower cutting plate over the heads of the clamping screws against the cutter head housing to the limit stop and then firmly tighten both clamping screws.
  7. Then screw in the regulating screw until the two cutting plates press lightly together.

Setting the right plate pressure

  1. Adjustment should be carried out while clipper is running and without any auxiliary tools.
  2. First, carefully loosen the regulating nut and the regulating screw until the upper cutter plate is no longer pressing against the lower cutter plate (high-pitched sound).
  3. Then screw in the regulating screw until you feel a slight resistance. From this point, turn approx. 1/4 rotation further and then tighten the knurled screw.
Avoid setting the pressure on the cutter plates too high, as this will lead to excessive heat build-up, which in turn will cause the cutter plates to wear out more quickly.

Oiling the cutter head

  • IMPORTANT: oil the clipper only while it is running!
  • Never immerse the clipper head in liquid of any kind!
  • Only use lightweight lubricating oil, order no. GT604.
  • Oil oiling point genwerously per animal!
  • Oil spring leaves 2 - 3 times daily 3 - 4 drops of oil!

Greasing the toothed wheel

  • Only use gear grease GT605!
  • Apply approx. 1 cm of grease onto the two areas opposite the toothed wheel 1-2 times during the shearing season.

Removing the cutter head

  1. IMPORTANT: Be sure to unplug the clipper before removing the cutter head!
  2. Remove both screws.Then turn the cutter head counterclockwise very slightly, by about 15°.
  3. The cutter head can now be pulles off the motor.
  4. Make sure the head has been well cleaned and the tothed wheel lightly greased before re-attaching it on the motor. When re-attaching the head, make sure it is offset by 15° counterclockwise and that the lower flange engagaes with the groove of the motor housing.