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100 Years Aesculap Clipper

Passing the test of time: 100 years of Aesculap clippers

After being a manufacturer of surgical instruments for 45 years, 1912 marked a further milestone in the successful history of Aesculap (a B. Braun group company) with the invention of the first electrically operated hair cutting machine. The product range  of clippers and cutter heads, including accessories, which has been continuously expanded over the decades, is now manufactured and marketed by Aesculap Suhl GmbH. The range enjoys hingh market penetration and awareness. Aesculap clippers can currently be found in 80% of Germany’s professional dog grooming salons and in over 90% off all vets’ practices.

The Favorita II has been a classic among clippers for small animals for decades now. It is designed for professional use and continuous operation. Its virtually vibration-free operation allows its user to work for long periods without tiring. In addition to its almost legendary durability, the Favorita is know among groomers and vets for its outstanding cutting performance, which enables it to reliably cut through even the dirtiest and most matted hair. This can be put down, on the one hand, to the quality of the cutter head material (high-quality carbon steel) and, on the other, to the Favorita cutter head system (developed by Aesculap), which enables the pressure plate to be adjusted depending on the strength and thickness of the hair.

The plate pressure on Econom machines, designed for shearing large animals and which has also proven itself in the market for decades now, can be regulated, for an even and long-lasting cutting quality. Regardless of whether they are sheep, cattle or horse shearing machines, the respective Econom shearing machines have always impressed their user by their high shearing speed, excellent torque and power and ergonomic design, making them easy and balanced to use. Integrated electronic start control and overload protection provide the necessary safety.

Among the Econom series there are of course not only cable versions but also battery operated clippers for large animals world-wide with the same performance like cable versions.

Aesculap succeeded in maintaining its global leadership also when it comes to innovation and design and got several award for that. 

Aesculap’s ability to innovate and meet market needs is also evident in its FAV5 range of clippers for small animals. Also capable of accommodating the snap-on cutter heads offered by other manufactures, with the FAV5, Aesculap offers the required high trimming quality. Naturally, the tried-and-tested components of the Favorite  technology have been incorporated, and the FAV5 also stands out on account of the high quality of the materials used in its manufacture. In addition, a range of snap-on cutter manufactured in house is offered. As with the Favorita cutter head system, Aesculap once again sets new benchmarks here when it comes to quality: long-lasting cutting performance through the use of high-quality carbon steel quaranteed high-quality manufacturing in its own CNC production centres, high-end surface coating to protect against corrosion and production centres, high-end surface coating to protect against corrosion and quaranteed multiple sharpening service.

Cordless clippers have been taking over the market for some years now. In this respect, too, Aesculap sets new benchmarks: with its Favorita CL and FAV5 CL models, two cordless machines for professionals that still offer the same level of performance as mains-powered versions and come equipped with the latest lithium-ion rechargeable battery technology. The advantages: no more memory effect (i.e. the machine can remain in the charging station for as long as its user likes, without being damaged, and it is not necessary to completely discharge the battery first). The batteries are both light and compact and there is no loss in performance up until the point when the battery is eventually exhausted (with full charging capacity, after 60 minutes of operation). 

Aesculap also offers two product lines of battery-operated shearing machines for partial applications, one for professional grooming and one for vets. The small, very handy and quiet Exacta and Isis are mainly used in the areas of preanaesthetic shearing and paw/ear care, while the Akkurata and Vega are the ones to choose when larger surfaces need to be sheared (e.g. on the head, neck, belly etc.).

All products manufactured by Aesculap Suhl GmbH in Germany are available from well-stocked dealers. For detailed information, including the technical data, and to find out about other Aesculap products and get many useful tips to do with clipping and animal care, please visit www.aesculap-clippers.com.