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Aesculap clippers for large animals

Power Shearing Machines for Cattle, Sheep and Horses

To shear large animals, you need a shearing machine with plenty of power, high cutting sleed and consistent cutting quality that lasts. Naturally, at the same time the machine should not weigh too much, to ensure ease of handling. In addition, it needs to be quiet, so as not to frighten or stress sensitive animals.

“Meeting the user’s needs or, even better, exceeding their expectations” has always been the goal of Suhl-based Aesculap. So it should no surprise that the Econom II / GT494 sheep shearing machine, the Econom II / GT474 cattle shearing machine and the Econom equipe / GT674 horse shearing machine deliver completely in this respect. This is achieved through the use of a light, powerful DC motor operating at 2,750/2,200 strokes/min, top-quality plates made from wear-resistant carbon steel and an optimum ergonomic design. Integrated electronic start control and overload protection ensure the necessary safety. Aesculap offers height. Each machine, including a complete cutter head and small bottle of conditioning oil, is supplied in a sturdy plastic case, solving any potential transport and storage problems for the user.

All products manufactured by Aesculap Suhl GmbH in Germany are available from well-stocked dealers. For detailed information, including the technical data, and to find out about other Aesculap products and get many useful tips to do with clipping and animal care, please visit www.aesculap-clippers.com.