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Aesculap Favorita

Aesculap "Favorita" – a classic among clippers

The Favorita II has been impressing everyone who uses it for decades now, whether they be professional groomers, vets, keepers or animal lovers. Its robustness, almost legendary durability and outstanding cutting performance is what makes this clipper for small animals so unique. Where many other clippers simply give up, the Favorita keeps on working without a problem, even in the dirtiest and badly matted hair. In addition, its almost vibration-free operation means that it can be used all day without tiring out its user.

This is made possible by powerful, ball bearing motor, the use of hardwearing components (e.g. metal oscillating lever, special unbreakable plastic etc.), comfortable single-handed operation and the Favorita cutter head system developed by Aesculap. Made from high-quality carbon steel, Favorita cutter heads are milled in Aesculap’s own CNC production centres, sharpened and are surface coated, ensuring their long-lasting cutting ability. In addition, the unique adjustable plate pressure allows for consistent cutting performance, independently of strength and thickness of hair/coat. A wide range of cutter heads is available for all applications.

With the Favorita CL, Aesculap has developed a cordless clipper that offers all the advantages of Favorita II, is just as powerful, and yet remains small and compact. No more bothersome cables, no more need to look for a nearby socket, plus the fact that Favorita Cl can easily be slipped into its user’s trouser or jacket pocket.

The Aesculap Favorita cutter head system, a highly efficient DC motor, the planetary gear unit, ease of handling and the latest battery technology (the use of lithium-ion rechargeable batteries, i.e. the clipper weighs less, remains compact, maintains a constant output and does away with memory effects) quarantee unlimited performance and an enjoyable cutting experience. 

The FAVORITA CL Hybrid (can be retrofitted with battery) offers all the advantages FAVORITA cable version, in addition to the possibility of also work wirelessly with the purchase of retrofit kit.

Aesculap now launched a real high speed version of the classic Favorita II – the Favorita Speed. This clipper combines all by professionals beloved advantages of Favorita II with new unbelievably strong motor. It manages 3,000 strokes easily. Now it is possible to groom thick coat even faster with a better finish at the same time..

Favorita High-Speed Version

New combs for more flexibility 

Aesculap extended the among groomers very favourable Favorita blade system with 5 combs featuring a cutting length of 13,16,19,22 and 25 mm. These come in a vey hard-case.

The combs have no plastic- but metal teeth, which quarantee a high durability and a smooth sliding through the coat. The snap on corps are equipped with a snap on mechanism made of metal, which withstands the daily demands of the groomer easily. An advantage are the nubs at the side of comb, which facilitate a secure removal of the comb from the blade, even with slippery hands.

All products manufactured by Aesculap Suhl GmbH in Germany are available from well-stocked dealers. For detailed information, including the technical data, and to find out about other Aesculap products and get many useful tips to do with clipping and animal care, please visit www.aesculap-clippers.com.