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Aesculap Torqui

The Favorita blade system: Now even better and simpler

Aesculap’s hair clipper “Favorita” has been convincing generations of clipper users – no matter if they are professional groomers, veterinarians or private animal lovers. One reason for that is the Favorita blade system. This system has – compared to others – the advantage of the plate pressure being able to be adjusted according to the type of coat. 

This unique characteristic is appreciated worldwide and is the basis for a successful and efficient job. By readjusting the plate pressure you can go on working even after your blade gets blunt.

To make this even easier and to always guarantee the optimal plate pressure, Aesculap now launches “Torqui” at a glance:

  • Precise basic setting of the plate pressure
  • Increase of blade lifespan due to longer resharpening intervals
  • Consistent cutting edge retention
  • Simple handling
  • No previous knowledge required
  • Small, handy and maintenance-free
  • Precision instrument “Made in Germany”
  • Applicable for all Favorita blades
  • All Favorita blades can be upgraded with the corresponding knurled screw.


Torqui – Your key to the Favorita system!

All products manufactured by Aesculap Suhl GmbH in Germany are available from well-stocked dealers. For detailed information, including the technical data, and to find out about other Aesculap products and get many useful tips to do with clipping and animal care, please visit www.aesculap-clippers.com.