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Strategic alliance between Albert Kerbl Ltd and Aesculap Suhl GmbH

Since April 1st, 2017 the Albert Kerbl GmbH and the Aesculap Suhl GmbH started in a new era of cooperation! This strategic alliance combines the production- and manufacturing orientation from Aesculap and the sales- and logistics strength from Kerbl.

Thus Kerbl takes over the exclusive worldwide sale

 • of Aesculap Animal Clipping Machines including the equipment,
• of Aesculap Hoof- and Claw Knifes as well as
• of Aesculap Trim Blades and
• of Aesculap Grooming-Scissors.

All items from the segments mentioned above and related equipment are available with immediate effect and exclusively in the Kerbl range of products. At the same time we take over the service and guarantee handling from Aesculap Suhl GmbH. Existing notified service centers in the world will of course remain for the usual perfect service quality. The sale of the Aesculap Quality Items takes place as usual exclusively through the trade.

We from Kerbl are extraordinarily pleased to enrich our range of animal- and grooming care products with quality items of the brand Aesculap, which are very popular since already 1912 with farmers, veterinarians, groomers and others for their extraordinary high quality. Beneath the Aesculap items you naturally also find a wide range of additional grooming- and animal keeping articles in our existing range of products.

The Kerbl Group is a producer and wholesaler with more than 10.000 catalogued items and offers a Europe-wide uniquely broad, strong and always up to date range of accessories for animal breeding and husbandry in the fields of livestock- / agricultural needs, equestrian and riding equipment, electric fencing, work and safety, hobby farming and pet supplies.

The company already has a history of success spanning more than 50 years and has developed since the foundation of the Albert Kerbl Ltd in the year 1984 with vision, market knowledge and a high level of innovation into a global player. With 360 employees in Germany, Austria and France, the Kerbl Group, which also includes the renowned electric fence producer AKO-Agrartechnik, is now achieving an annual turnover of significantly more than 200 million Euro.