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The new Aesculap Econom CL Fitter

High-Speed for cattle clipping

Based on the successful and reward winning battery operated clipper series Econom CL, Aesculap now releases an additional version, most suitable for cow fitters and farmers as well when speed matters. Since the CL Fitter manages 3,000 strokes instead of 2,750 compared to the standard Econom CL-series, the cow fitter can reach an even better grooming pattern. Another positive feature for farmers and cow fitters is the fact that the Econom CL Fitter combines all existing advantages of the CL-series; low-noise, powerful and reliable.

Once again the company Aesculap Suhl GmbH managed to correspond to the often expressed wish of the customers to have a “cordless battery operated clipper with the performance of a cable version”. 

When it comes to clipping cattle you need a clipper with a high torque, high grooming speed and an evenly long-lasting shearing quality. At the same time the weight of the clipper has to be low and it has to be perfectly balanced to enable a fatigue-free handling, furthermore no cable must be in the way. 

A battery operated clipper based on lithium-ion technology – which is unrivalled. Incredible 70 minutes of grooming time for grooming cattle with the same power as with a cable version. All this around the clock since a second battery, available as an option, can be charged within 70 minutes as well. The high quality shearing blades are made of abrasionresistant carbon steel and the ergonomics meet the most stringent standards. A soft start-up is responsible for the durability of the motor and the lithium-ion battery and the fact the battery will be electrolytically separated from the system after one hour provided the clipper hasn’t been used during that time. 

A further innovation is the display of the charging state directly at the battery. Furthermore Aesculap corresponds to the customer wish to have more safety and easier operation by doing without an on/off switch which could be pushed accidentally. Instead of this an electronical pressure-controlled button was integrated in the housing. 

Depending on the application area and desired cutting length Aesculap offers for all clippers diverse shearing blades. Each clipper including a complete cutter head and an oiler comes in a handy hard case so there will be no possible transport and storing issue for the user. 

All in Germany manufactured products of the Aesculap Suhl GmbH are available at well-stocked specialist dealers. Detailed information including the technical data also regarding further Aesculap products as well as a lot of helpful advice regarding grooming and animal care are available for the interested reader on our website www.aesculap-schermaschinen.de