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Welcome to Aesculap Schermaschinen

We have been making “Made in Germany” quality since 1912, in the form of innovative and award-winning products for coat and hair care for all kinds of professions, such as groomers, vets and hairdressers, but also for anyone wanting premium Aesculap clipper quality at home.

All Aesculap products are manufactured at our Thuringia factory in Germany. The range contains various blades and clipping-heads, as well as all kinds of shearing machines and clippers, with battery- or cable operation, for animals (dogs, cats, horses, cattle, sheep and other farm animals) to be used from different target groups like groomers, veterinarians, horse owners or farmers.

As a subsidiary of Albert Kerbl GmbH in Buchbach/Bavaria and as part of the Kerbl Group, we supply our products from Germany to the entire world!

What our customers say


Lisa Klössinger, dressage rider

Winner of the Golden Riding Badge, Gold in the European Championship (U25, individual and team), 5 times winner of the Bavarian championship, finals winner in numerous national and international youth tournaments

“The Bonum fits perfectly in your hand, and clipping becomes an absolute pleasure. The machine is extremely quiet, and so it‘s outstandingly suited to sensitive and young horses. The Bonum is the perfect all-round clipper, and I love using it every time.”
Dressurreiterin und Trägerin des goldenen Reitabzeichens Lisa Kloessinger

Aileen Gebert from Warstein

Professional clipping service for dogs and horses

“The Econom CL is very powerful. It cuts through any coat easily!
It‘s easy to handle and the batteries also last a really long time. What‘s more, it‘s also ideal for horses with Cushing‘s syndrome.“
Aesculap-Kundin und Betreiberin eines professionellen Scherservices für Hunde und Pferde Aileen Gebert

Silke Müller-Rummels

Leader of the German world championship
grooming team

“The FAV5 CL allows flexible use, whether using the SnapOn blade set or the metal attachment combs. In the photo, the blade was used against hair growth to create a clean and precise result with short fur.”
Aesculap-Kundin und Leiterin des WM-Groomteams Deutschland Silke Mueller-Rummels

Farah Eggers

Qualified grooming trainer

“I love working with Aesculap clippers. They‘re real all-rounders for my salon work. I can use them on all hair structures, and they‘re really reliable, even with matted fur.”
Aesculap-Kundin und Qualifizierte Grooming-Ausbilderin Farah Eggers

Anja Reiteritsch

Founder and owner of the Hundeschnittschule"

“I like keep on working with Aesculap corded clippers – the Favorita Speed is a great further development. The clipper is well-balanced for perfect handling and enables a faster and easier clipping due to the powerful motor and heat up just a bit even at longer usage. The new Aesculap Favorita metal attachment combs are an expansion for dogs which shouldn’t be groomed too short. So this clipper can be used versatilely in the daily salon business. For me the Favorita Speed is an investment which pays off every time.”