Company History

Aesculap Schermaschinen – Quality from Germany since 1912

Aesculap clippers
The first electric hair clippers saw the light of day in 1912 – invented by Aesculap. It was a far-reaching innovation and a milestone in the art of engineering, as we now know!
Our high quality level as a medical device manufacturer, who also makes artificial joints and high-precision surgical tools alongside clippers, has guaranteed top-notch products ever since.
In addition to our medical products for people, our veterinary medicine section is also an important part of our business. Indeed, we created electric clippers to help vets, which was also an innovation of the time. And so, the Econom clippers were born.
Once the Aesculap manufacturing facility was established in Suhl/Thuringia – also known as the Center of Excellence for clippers – product development really took off. From design to finished product – every step of the development is carried out at the Suhl site. We even make the motors for these high-performance products here, among many other things. New, modern devices came to market, all of which could be called milestones in electric coat and hair cutting.
The heart of the Suhl facility is and will remain the production of cutter heads and plates. Our highly industrialised and partially automated manufacture is second to none.
This consistently and exceptionally high quality is reflected in the extremely positive regard in which the Aesculap brand and products are held. An example of this would be that around 80 % of the professional dog grooming salons and more than 90 % of all veterinary practices in Germany use Aesculap clipper products.

Aesculap and Kerbl – a logical alliance!

Aesculap clippers and accessories have been successfully distributed by Albert Kerbl GmbH since April 2017. Suhl’s expertise in development and production coupled with Albert Kerbl GmbH's many years of experience and professionalism in marketing, distribution, customer service and logistics may well be seen as a new milestone in our success story. It also paved the way for another alliance: since 1 January 2021, the newly established Aesculap Schermaschinen GmbH has been 100 % owned by Albert Kerbl GmbH.
“We have built up a close partnership over recent years and have developed the clippers business in a very positive way. Now we want to bring our strengths together and further develop both the division and the Suhl site. Aesculap Schermaschinen GmbH will continue to coordinate the clippers and shearing machines for small and large animals division from Suhl,” says Albert Kerbl, CEO of Albert Kerbl GmbH.
As a producer with more than 10,000 catalogued items, the Kerbl Group offers a range of accessories that is unique throughout Europe in terms of breadth, performance and being constantly up to date, and covers animal breeding and husbandry in livestock and agriculture, horse and rider supplies, electric fences, work and safety, hobby farming and pet supplies. The company can look back on a history of success spanning 50 years, and has developed into a “global player” with vision, market knowledge and a high level of innovation since the founding of Albert Kerbl GmbH in 1984.