NEW – Aesculap Favorita CLi cordless clipper

The new cordless clipper Favorita CLi expands the assortment of the known powerful Favorita „family“. THE innovative and familiarly powerful cordless clipper for professional use!

  • CL = cordless
  •    i = innovative and intelligent
  •   li = Lithium Ion battery technology

LED Info display

New and innovative – informative

Aesculap Favorita Cli Akkuschermaschine LED Info Display
The integrated LED Info display inform, when touched:
Battery status 
  • Oil hint, for better cutting performance and less heat development.
  • In the unusual event that the clipper overheats, the thermometer appears in the LED display
  • The warning triangle indicate, if the clipper is not running properly or has an issue. Switch off the clipper and check in the instructions for trouble shooting.
Lithium Ionen Akku für Aesculap Akku Schermaschinen
  • Powerful lithium-ion battery of latest generation guarantees extremely long operating times of up to 3 hours.
  • Thus, the new cordless Favorita Cli runs 3 times longer than ist predecessor.
  • Durable and without memory effect, the lithium-ion battery lasts much longer than conventional NiMh batteries.
  • The battery (XT431) is compatible with Durati and Fav 5 CL 
Thus, you save space and can charge the batteries of these machines in the same charging station.

Ladestation  für Aesculap Akku Schermaschinen
Charging station has 2 slots to charge the clipper and another lithium-ion battery.
Extra tip:
LED on the charging station indicates by the respective green light whether the machine or spare battery is being charged. With a constant green indicator, the charging process is finished. Battery is full!

Choose your favorite CLi model.

Red or blue – decide which one you like better.
Furthermore, you can choose between the 1 battery or the Favorita Cli machine with 2 batteries for permanent work.
Favorita Cli Modell in rot und blau
  • Li-ion batteries of the latest technology guarantee extremely long operating times compared to the previous model
  • ergonomic and perfectly balanced
  • High-quality brushless motor enables enormous pulling power with 3,300 strokes
  • Durable motor, without wearable brushes
  • Low vibration thanks to decoupling of the motor from the housing
  • Favorita Cli 1,000 strokes faster than its predecessors cordless clipper and Favorita II
  • Ergonomic and perfectly balanced, the Favorita Cli fits comfortably in the hand and allows flexible working
  • 390 g lightweight for low-fatigue shearing
  • Very quiet with only 63db sound pressure level
Schmieröl Blace Cool 2.0
Extra tip:
More strokes (RPM) also mean more friction and thus faster heat generation. We recommend using the Blade Cool (Art.No. GTA103) during grooming for cooling and light lubrication.

Accessories for the Aesculap Favorita CLi cordless clipper

Matching the Favorita CLi, there are a variety of Favorita blades, stainless steel combs and DLC blades. The worldwide unique Aesculap Favorita blade system are genuine "Made in Germany" products.

In our product information and brochures you will find all information for your Favorita CLi system for download.
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