Aesculap Schermaschinen GmbH is now also a manufacturer of Hippomed inhalers

With the takeover of Aesculap clipping, Albert Kerbl GmbH has integrated another quality manufacturer into the company group. It was a planned step to establish further production areas in Suhl. We are pleased to welcome Hippomed inhalation devices as the latest member of the production family in Suhl. After a two-year transition period since the purchase of the Hippomed brand and production at Rheintechnik, AirOne and AirOne Flex have been manufactured at the Suhl site since the end of 2023.
With this relocation of production, repair and service activities are also being transferred to Aesculap Clippers. To make it easy for you as a user and sales partner to track devices that arrive in Suhl for repair or service, please contact us using the following contact details:

Aesculap Schermaschinen GmbH

Fröhliche-Mann-Str. 15, 98528 Suhl, Germany

+49 3681 4982-72

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If you would like advice on inhalation with a Hippomed device, you will find all the information you need here .