Interesting facts about horse clipping

General information and material recommendations

The basics of horse clipping

Why do I clip my horse?
  • The horse dries faster after riding and therefore doesn't catch colds as easily
  • The shorter coat is easier to keep clean
  • The horse does not sweat when it is in a warm stable
  • The horse does not overheat as quickly when riding and is therefore more willing to perform
Some issues when you should consider clipping the horse:
  • The horse is ridden regularly - at least 3 times a week - and is soaked with sweat after riding
  • The horse's coat takes a long time to dry again (at least 20 minutes)
  • The horse is already sweating in the stable because the winter coat is too thick for the warm stable
  • The horse starts to sweat even under low loads, e.g. when riding at a walk, and it gets tired very quickly
  • The horse gets a very long, thick winter coat and can no longer be groomed properly. It dries very slowly once it has become wet with sweat.
If one of these issues applies, it makes sense to clip or partially clip the horse.

Preparing the horse clipping

Prepare the clipping
  • Schedule at least 2 hours
  • Find a favourable time for clipping - e.g. during a quiet period and in a quiet place, then the horse is calm and relaxed
  • Clean the horse before clipping - dirt and sand can damage the clipper and quickly dull the blades
  • When clipping with cable clippers - secure the cable! The combination of horseshoes and electricity can be dangerous for the horse
Pferd im Stall mit Schermaschine
Safe and relaxed clipping
  • The horse should be clean and dry for clipping and be used to contact with the clipper
  • Always clip in even, long strips against the direction of coat growth
  • The paths should overlap by at least one centimetre, otherwise edges will remain; remaining fur strips and patches can be removed in a second pass
  • Change the angle of the clipper for heavy sections
  • During clipping, the clipper blades should always be oiled and the loose hair brushed off the horse.
  • This makes the work much easier.