Interesting facts about cattle clipping

General information and material recommendations

Why should cattle be clipped?

Cattle are not normally clipped, like with sheep or horses. Cattle have a different coat; their hair protects them from various weather conditions. However, there are situations where clipping cattle could be considered, although this is the exception rather than the rule. Here are some reasons:
  1. Heat stress:In hot climates, clipping cattle can help to reduce heat stress. By removing the fur, cattle are better able to release heat and have improved thermoregulation. This can be particularly important to minimise heat stress during hot summer months.
  2. Hygiene: In some cases, clipping cattle can improve hygiene. When cattle are heavily soiled, clipping can help to facilitate cleaning and reduce the risk of skin infections.
  3. Drug administration: In veterinary medicine, cattle clipping may be necessary to apply drugs topically to the skin. This is particularly important when treating skin conditions.
It is important to note that cattle clipping should be carried out carefully to avoid injury and to ensure that the animals remain protected from the elements. In most cases, however, cattle clipping is not routinely practised and should only be considered in certain circumstances. It is always advisable to seek advice from an experienced veterinarian or a professional in this field before making such decisions.

The complete or partial clipping of cattle can achieve the following:
  • A higher level of hygiene in the barn
  • Improved animal health and 
  • Greater animal welfare  
Clipping is a good thing, but it is a business-related matter - it cannot simply be lumped together. High-performance, high-quality clippers and shearing blades/clipper heads from the Aesculap brand provide optimum support for clipping work!

Types of clipping for cattle

Body clipping

  • Econom II GT474
  • Econom CL GT804 / GT806
  • Bonum GT644-BL / GT464-BL
  • with GT501 and GT505
Complete clipping
Grafik über die Komplettschur von Rindern
Partial clipping back 
Grafik über die Teilschur des Rückens von Rindern

Partial clipping

  • Durati red GT434-SR / GT436-SR
  • Durati ProWhite XT434-WP / XT436-WP
  • FAV5 CL GT304-PR
  • Shaving heads GT310 or GT326
  • Favorita CLi red and blue GT234-SR / GT236-SR / GT234-NB / GT236-NB 
  • Blade set GT746
Legs / Tail base / Tail
Grafik über die Teilschur von Rindern
Tail base / tail
Grafik über die Teilschur von Rindern für Schwanz und Schwanzansatz
Udder shearing
Grafik für Euterschur von Rindern
Back clipping of calves
Grafik für die Rückenschur bei Kälbern