Horse clipping made easy

With the high-quality battery clippers Bonum and Durati from Aesculap, you can achieve the perfect winter hairstyle for your horse.
Horses sweat less, dry faster and are more willing to perform, especially on mild winter days - these are some of the advantages of winter clipping. Whether an owner decides to do this depends in most cases on the type of husbandry, the (sporting) use of the horse and, last but not least, the individual condition of the winter coat. Once the decision has been made, the next question arises: Which clipper is suitable and what do you have to pay attention to when clipping?
Aesculap - the expert in clippers
Aesculap clippers has been developing and producing high-quality clippers, clipper heads and coat care products for pets and farm animals since 1912. The perfect Aesculap model for horse clipping is the powerful Bonum battery clipper. Without a power cable, handling on the horse is much easier and with its low weight of only 900g as well as the balanced, slim design, the Aesculap Bonum also fits perfectly in slimmer women's hands. With 2,500 strokes, it glides quickly and safely through the coat and ensures an optimal cutting pattern. The powerful lithium-ion batteries enable a working time of up to 1.5 hours. The perfect complement, for example, for head, legs or fine clipping patterns is the smaller Aesculap Durati battery clipper.
Tips for the perfect clipping result
After choosing the right clipper, almost nothing can go wrong - if you follow these tips. Basically, the horse should be well cleaned before clipping, as dirt and tallow cause the clipper blades to wear out faster. In addition, before and during clipping - about every 10 minutes - the clipper blades should be oiled according to the instructions.
Another important preparation is the optimal setting of the plate pressure. Because only the correct pressure of the two clipper blades on each other and the even distribution of pressure will result in a beautiful, smooth cutting pattern. In addition, the motor, batteries and blades are protected by the correct pressure setting. This is very easy with the Torqui precision adjustment aid: the torque spanner is placed on the screw on the shearing head and turned clockwise until the clicking sound is heard. After clipping, the clipper blades should be taken down, cleaned of dirt and hair, oiled and put back on the machine. This way everything is ready for the next shearing.
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