Groomerin mit Hund und Schermaschinen und Kämmen von Aesculap

Aesculap at the Grooming Seminar Fredelsloh

Aesculap had the pleasure of participating in Farah Eggers' grooming seminar in Fredelsloh on Saturday 09 September 2023.

Here, the participants learned how to style professionally with Aesculap clippers on different parts of the body, such as the body, legs or head. The dog groomer Farah Eggers presented ideal techniques for everyday salon use that can be applied quickly and efficiently with just one clipper. She also explained the differences between the various clipper head systems and which attachment combs and clipper heads are particularly suitable for which system. In addition to the Aesculap clippers, she also demonstrated how to perfect the final finish with scissors, depending on the dog's hair.
Kleiner weißer Pudel mit roter Schleife am Halsband
Aesculap Schermaschinen, Scheren Aufsteckkämme und Kamm ausgebreitet auf einem Tisch
Groomerin schert einen Hund
In addition, the focus was on the correct body and working posture when clipping and shearing. In order to avoid pain in the shoulders or elbows, bad posture as well as shortened tendons, the groomer showed how both the clipper and the scissors should be held ideally for back and joint-friendly work.

Towards the end of the workshop, expert clipper head and machine care was discussed with Maritta Marschall from the company Aesculap. She explained to the participants how important it is to oil, clean and cool the clippers including the clipper head.