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Aesculap cashback

We are happy to support you as a groomer in your daily work. When and how much money you will get back, when you have bought a Aesculap product, is described below:
  • Have you completed a training at a certified groomer school?
  • Did the training last at least 4 weeks or 20 days?
  • Do you have a certificate from the school for your participation, which confirms the type of training, duration with signature and company stamp?
  • Did you buy an Aesculap animal clipper and/or blades during your training or at the latest 3 months later?
If the above conditions all apply, you can fill in a credit note request.

The credit note can only be redeemed once per person and machine! Only invoices issued during the training and max. 3 months later will be accepted!

In order for the credit note to be issued, please complete the form  and send it by e-mail to .

To be able to use the form functions completely, please download the form.

As a graduate of a certified groomer school, you will receive the following refund directly from Kerbl to your account, when you have bought one of the following Aesculap products.
GT104 / GT114
Aesculap Clipper GT104
Aesculap Clipper GT105
Aesculap Clipper GT206

Aesculap clipper GT304 PR
GT234-SR / GT236-SR
Aesculap Clippers CLI
GT234-NB / GT236-NB
Aesculap Clippers CLI

GT434-SR /  GT436-SR
Aesculap clipper GT434 SR
XT434-WP /  XT436-WP
Aesculap clipper XT 434 WP
Aesculap clipper GT405
Aesculap clipper GT416
Cashback clippers
Cashback buy one machine button

Grooming scissors (3 scissors of your own choice)
Aesculap scissors set
Aesculap Scissors
Favorita blade sets (5 blade sets of your choice)
Aesculap Favorita clipper head set
Cashback clipper sets
Aesculap clipper head set button
Snapon blade sets (5 blade sets of your choice)
Aesculap clipper head set
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