Possible sources of faults in clippers and their causes and remedies

Machines in general

Possible cause:

The blades have not been oiled and/or did "run dry". The clipper has to work too hard to move the "not oiled" blades, this can cause to heat it up a lot. You should oil the clipping head/blades before and during work. If necessary, let it idle for a few seconds so that the oil can distribute well in the clipping head and between the comb and the cutter and does not end up in the coat.

If necessary, use Aesculap Blade Cool Spray GTA103.
It cools, cleans and oils the blades. The Cool Spray does not replace oiling! Always use only clipper oil for oiling (no salad oil or similar). During clipping, the blades should be oiled every 5-10 minutes!

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Large animal blades

Possible cause:

There is hair/dirt between the comb and cutter. It may be that hair has already got between the comb and cutter during the first shearing attempt - then the clipper will not cut.
Remove the blades from the clipper head and clean them. Remove the hair and attach them again.

Possible cause:

The oscillating pad is not correctly positioned in the clipping head. Before inserting the cutter, make sure that the swinging block is in the recess provided and in the correct position. If necessary, straighten the swinging block and mount the blades. Insert the cutter so that the two tips of the oscillator engage exactly in the holes of the cutter. Then push the comb up to the stop on the clipping head housing and tighten both clamping screws. Then adjust the cutting pressure.

Possible cause:

The cutting pressure is not set correctly.

This is how to set the cutting pressure correctly:

The adjustment of the cutting pressure without auxiliary tools should be done with the machine running: Loosen the knurled screws and the regulating screw until the cutter no longer presses on the comb. A bright running sound can be heard. Now turn in the regulating screw until a slight resistance can be felt. From here on, turn it one more turn. The running sound changes audibly.

First adjust the cutting pressure with the adjusting screw (if necessary with the help of the Torqui GT146 [torque wrench]). Then fix the cutting pressure with the knurled screw.

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Small animal machines and trimmers

Possible causes:

The blade set is dirty, the upper and lower blades are stuck together, dirt is between both blades. Carefully move the upper blade (knife) back and forth with your fingers. Use Blade Cool Spray with tube attachment and spray between the upper and lower blades to loosen the dirt and adhesions. Never unscrew the blade set!

Cable clippers

Possible cause: Cable break

Cable breaks occur when the material is subjected to heavy strain. For storage, never wrap the cable around the clipper in small loops, but wrap it in large loops and hang it loosely. Never pull the mains plug out of the socket by the cable, always by the plug. Never lift the machine by the cable.

Possible cause:

The carbon brushes are worn out. The inside of the clipper is dirty. Have the machine serviced, so that the carbon brushes can be replaced. Dirt can cause poor contact of the electrically live parts. Service is recommended.

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Battery/ cordless clippers

One possible cause:

The battery is not fully charged. You should always fully charge the battery before using it for the first time. Depending on the battery this can take up to 4 hours. The batteries are only charged approx. 10% for transport. First full load is necessary to ensure smooth operation.

Another possible cause:

The battery is discharged even though the machine has not been used for a long period of time. Batteries also discharge when the machine is not in use. If the machine is not used for a longer period (1/2 year), remove the battery from the machine and store them separately. Charge it before storing.

A possible cause:

The charging process is not carried out correctly or the battery or charging station is defective.

Target state:

FAV5 CL/Favorita CL: Charge level indicator lights up red during charging and green when the battery is fully charged.
Durati: During charging, the LED symbol „clipper“ at the charging station flashes green; when charging is complete, the LED stops flashing, a continuous green light is visible.
Bonum: The charging LED flashes during the charging process. When it is permanently lit, the battery is fully charged. The push button flashes - this is an overload protection. Switch off the machine, remove the blocking reason and switch the machine on again.
Econom CL: LED Indicator flashes during the charging process. Continuous lights indicate that the battery is fully charged. If there are any deviations, have them checked by the service department. If necessary, replace the battery or charging station.

Another possible cause:

The battery machine has not been stored correctly. E.g. below 0°C or above 40°C. Always store cordless machines including batteries and spare batteries only within the temperature intervals specified in the instructions for use. Temperatures below and above this will affect the service life and operation of the batteries.

Possible cause:

The charging contacts on the machine or on the charging station are dirty or wet. Clean and dry the charging contacts - both on the machine and in the charging station. Start the charging process again.


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